How to play Aura star Zhao Yun ➻ Aola star h 5
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How to play Aura star Zhao Yun ➻ Aola star h 5

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How to play Aura star Zhao Yun ➻ Aola star h 5, This article will tell you how to play Aura star Zhao Yun, and the knowledge points corresponding to Aura star h 5, I hope it will be helpful to you, Don't forget to bookmark this site. List of contents in this article: 1. When will the Aura Star Gentian Zhao Yun event end? Play 5. How to match Zhao Yun under the grand plan How to restrain Zhao Yun The correct way to use Aura Star Gentian Zhao Yun When will the event end 1. It will end at the end of next month. How to play: 1. Key points for defeating Shengdiyi: Shengdiyi will always use Super Soul Brilliance to clear our attributes, so it is best to use Abi who can protect attributes, or Abi who can burst high-damage skills. 2 days. According to the information on the official website of "Glory of the King", Zhao Yun's gentian skin is a skin linked with the Five Tigers. Zhao Yun's gentian will return to the game from February 11 to February 17, 2023, for a total of 6 days. After the Five Tigers event ends, the Zhao Yun gentian skin will no longer be available for direct sale. 3. March 1st. In the mobile game of Glory of Kings, the Glory of Kings Mall will put the Zhao Yun Gentian skin on the game mall for a limited time on February 2, 2023. Players can spend points to buy it from February 2 to March 1. "Glory of the King" is a hero competitive mobile game launched by Tencent Tianmei Studio. 4. Zhao Yun’s gentian skin can return in 2022, and will return on February 1, 2022. Zhao Yun’s gentian will be released on July 31, 2020. This kind of skin that will be limited to the five tigers will definitely be five All skins will return together. Therefore, except for the return activities around the Spring Festival, other time periods do not have the conditions for five models to return at the same time. How to play Aola Star Aola Star Pinnacle Tower 1. The following is the Aura Star mobile game Pinnacle Tower 137 clearance strategy, I hope it will be helpful to all friends. Lineup: Qiling King Rabbit Xi and Shuanggou start with Rabbit + Qiling King, the rabbit explodes Xiang Kunlun, otherwise this product is disgusting. Then go to the double dog to kill the power king (the power king's upper limit returns to 4000 blood and basically will not return blood skills). 2. My method is to paralyze it with the King of Spirits. Of course, the second skill cannot be broken, and it is one round to last one more round. After all, every time you get hit, it will drop a wave of attributes for the opponent. Isar directly used the second skill and the ultimate move, and then remembered to use one skill at a time in the fourth round. Quick fix, get rid of the troublesome Osiris first. 3. How to play The 104th floor of the Pinnacle Tower is a 1v1 battle in turn. The order of playing is King Kong Kuba, Ye Lan, and Super T Rabbit. The difficult super t-rabbit big move will restore 40% of the lost stamina, and the damage is 60% of the restored stamina. That is to say, the lower the physical strength, the higher the damage, and it makes the previous efforts a lot for nothing. 4. The following is the clearance configuration and strategy of the 95th floor of the Aura star mobile game Pinnacle Tower, and I hope it will be helpful to my friends. 5. How to match the peak tower 139 customs clearance lineup? This level is very difficult, and has certain requirements for lineup configuration and play style. The following is a strategy for clearing the 139 level of the Aura star mobile game Pinnacle Tower. I hope it will be helpful to all friends. The lineup is as follows: Rabbit, King Qiling, Xihe, Kelan. 6. Remember to pay attention to deep space games. The lineup is Kelan Corolla and Qilin Liyuan. Kill Shura first, then go to Qilin after the corolla is dead, and Qilin clears Caesar's attributes. After Qilin died, Shangliyuan protected Kelan, and Kelan continued to grind. As long as Caesar doesn't die and keeps stepping on the floor, it's easy. How to fight Zhao Yun on the ninth floor of Aola Star Hero Tianji Tower 1. The legendary Qiling King is the first to start. There should be no chance to make moves. This is used to reduce the attributes of the three bosses. Changing Qiankun to play, [Qiankun Broken Li] first fight the legendary Aotian, and then release it when there are 4 souls, and defeat the legendary Aotian first. 2. Using the same method, fight Emma first, then Xiaoxiaomu and Amumu, and finally Zhuoge. 3. ③ Star Dragon Fighting Star Dragon Aola Star Peak Tower 61-70 floors of play: 61 floors: Analysis: The 61st floor is a combination of a cherry blossom mob and a cherry blossom monster, here is to kill the mob first , the big monster will appear again, and the opponent will sometimes make us sleep and parasitize, it is recommended to prepare X medicines to relieve abnormalities. 4. There are a total of 10 levels in Zhang Fei Chuan of Hero Sky Secret Tower, and rewards can be obtained for the first successful challenge. 5. How to pass the 10th floor of Aola Star Hero Tower, let's take a look at the clearance strategy with the editor. How does Aolaxing Zhang Fei fight Zhang Fei? The shield is very impressive! After destroying the legendary Tiandao Promise [Holy Crown Instant Kill] reset Zhang Fei's value! Then the goddess Jupiter appeared on the stage, and after the legendary Zhang Fei released the legendary kill, she blew herself up! Finally, the legendary Mi Ao, Chun Mu's heart to survive, pay attention to Zhang Fei's rebound, and control the round to kill the opponent. Therefore, basically Zhang Fei's style of play revolves around three points, blocking vision, protecting teammates, and making big moves to suppress towers. And Zhang Fei's ultimate move is a protection for his teammates, an anti-hit magic weapon. In fact, the mountain can be singled out, the soul of the mountain, and then the big move will be abused, without explanation, and try to kill him within 10 rounds, otherwise it will seem to die. Don't eliminate its attributes, he can transfer negative attributes to you, and you will only die faster in this way. How about Zhang Fei's dungeon of siege and plunder? The following is an introduction to Zhang Fei's dungeon style of siege and land grabbing. If you are interested, don't miss it. The first Dian Wei, the second Xu Zhu, the third Tai Shici, and the fourth Zhou Tai. It can be used for Taishici to resist Zhang Fei's tactics. The princess gathers spirits (two are the best), and then the dragon sees that the dragon is in the field, and the dragon is not used twice. During the period, the blood is less than 400, and the blood is replenished. Then swing the tail to kill it. How to match Zhao Yun under the grand plan How to restrain Zhao Yun The correct way to use 1. You can replace it with an alternative skill according to your own needs. The alternative skill is more restraining against the same type of team (combo team). [Matching ideas] First of all, single-core Zhao Yun should go without saying. "Under the Great Picture" has an attack speed ceiling, and the whole process is free from disarming. It is the best choice for single-core play. 2. Zhao Yun's main skill is to attack a single enemy general with up to 7 stages, each time randomly causing 30% force or intelligence damage. This skill obviously comes from the allusion of Zhao Yun's seven ins and seven outs, highlighting the ability to kill a single general. In the case of full 7-stage attack, the total damage value reached 210%. 3. Zhao Yun's strongest lineup under the great picture is recommended. The main generals Zhao Yun + Guan Yu + Zhang Fei will form a lineup around the five tiger generals, which can maximize Zhao Yun's advantages. This lineup mainly focuses on the opening attack brought by the "Five Tigers". Compared with the above "Taoyuan Jieyi" lineup, this lineup with Zhao Yun as the main general is better in terms of overall output. This is the end of the introduction about how Zhao Yun played Aura star and Aura star h 5. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

How to play Aura star Zhao Yun ➻ Aola star h 5

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