Industries with Gray Income➣Grey Money-making Industry
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Industries with Gray Income➣Grey Money-making Industry

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Industries with Gray Income➣Grey Money-making Industry, This article will tell you about industries with gray income and the knowledge points corresponding to the gray money-making industry. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site oh. List of contents in this article: 1. Which jobs have gray income 2. Which gray industries with huge profits do you know? 3. The hemodialysis center hides the gray industry chain. What is hidden behind it? 4. The salary market and gray income in the game industry reveal the secret 5 , I would like to know, which industry in China has the highest gray income for employees? 6. Revealing the secrets of the "gray income" in the real estate industry. Which jobs have gray income 1. Replacement subsidies. For industries with gray income and gray income, the operation of 4S store sales is to give less or no payment. If not, it means that the customer does not know that there is a replacement subsidy policy. If you give less, it means that the customer knows that there is a replacement subsidy policy. 2. Insurance consignment points, gold and silver commemorative coins, badges, precious metal sales commission, etc. The bank’s gray income includes insurance agency sales points, gold and silver commemorative coins, badges, and commissions from precious metal sales. Gray income refers to personal secret income that is unknown, not recorded, not taxed, and dissociated from the declaration. 3. In addition to the gray income in industries with gray income, the normal salary of the chief judge of the county court is also relatively high. According to the regulations of different regions, the monthly salary of the chief judge of the county court is generally more than 10,000 yuan, and in some areas it can even reach more than 20,000 yuan. 4. This kind of work usually has no social security and welfare benefits, and the salary is also unstable, which may fluctuate due to demand and market influence. In addition, if you violate relevant regulations and laws and regulations in the process of engaging in such work, it may be considered as gray income. 5. The gray income of the county bank president is not much, because there are friends working in the bank. He became the branch president of a commercial bank at the age of 27. In two years, the car has changed from more than 100,000 yuan. If you join in the discussion of gray income, it will be useless Son, a stroke of non-sunshine. Do you know any profitable gray industries? The channels of gray industries include but are not limited to the following aspects: Smuggling and selling prohibited goods: through smuggling and selling prohibited goods such as drugs, weapons, rare animal and plant products, etc., you can get high profit. However, this channel is extremely risky, not only facing criminal responsibility, but also being attacked by international cooperation. Last year he spent 40,000 yuan on a hair transplant in Tianjin, and now his black hair is about to catch up with my handsomeness. He said that after this hair transplant, he found that the industry is hugely profitable. The cost of his hair transplant is at most 1,000 yuan , Received the master 4w. Wool party, professional negative reviewer, professional returner, commodity infringement, professional brush hand, etc. Industrial chain is a concept in industrial economics. It is a chain-like relationship formed objectively between various industrial sectors based on certain technical and economic relationships and based on specific logical relationships and spatial-temporal layout relationships. Some car modification industries and sports car modification industries are very violent gray industries. It is very violent for them to get the same money as a car just by simply modifying and refitting. If it has more power, it will secretly modify it by itself. Gray industries specifically refer to industries that walk on the edge of laws, rules, and policies. Surrounding large Internet companies, there are many black and gray industries that hunt for food at any time. It can be said that projects can be excavated in every place with traffic, and fungal spores will grow in as long as there are profitable dark areas. The hemodialysis center hides a gray industrial chain. What is hidden behind this? It is unimaginable that a hemodialysis center performs hemodialysis for patients, not only does the doctor not present, but also the people do not even understand the basic principles of the operation process. How scary it is! In the end, the person in charge of the organization had no choice but to express that the business scope of the hemodialysis center was not for patients, but for consumers who came for cosmetic surgery. The risk behind doing hemodialysis for beauty is that it will have a great impact on the body. In addition, those underground beauty centers do not have a business license. Once unqualified operators make mistakes, your health will be hit hard , and the bodily injury received cannot be recovered. The reporter investigates the unknown black industrial chains of candid shots. Behind these industrial chains are hidden darkness and people's hearts. This industrial chain is mainly about the dirty incidents of candid shots in summer. All kinds of candid videos are sold on the Internet. Has gradually formed an industrial chain. Salary market and gray income in the game industry revealed Game artist: (reference monthly salary: 2800-5000 yuan) game prop artist, game scene artist, game character production, game texture artist, next-generation game art design, game scene and rendering, 3D Game artist, 3G game artist, game 3D artist, etc. Salary level: The monthly salary of senior artists or senior executives is about 30,000 yuan, and that of general staff is between 2,000-4,000 yuan. Programmers: generally divided into main programmers, senior programmers, and programmers. Salary level: The monthly income of senior programmers is between 80 million and 50,000 yuan, and some novices earn less, but they can still get about 5,000 yuan. ①. The salary of a junior game development engineer is between 6000 and 12000. The criteria for determining this salary are 0-3 years of work experience, mastery of C# language, and proficiency in using the Unity engine. The salary of this industry is higher than that of other industries, and the salary of ordinary technicians who have just entered the game industry is also 3,000 to 5,000. The positions with the highest salaries should be senior programmers and senior art designers, basically ranging from 8000 to 15000. I would like to know, which industry in China has a high gray income for employees? 1. Tour guides are industries that require gray income for applicants who do not have a high degree of education, and some industries that require certain language skills have gray income. In addition, more The most important thing is patience and organizational skills. At present, the basic treatment of tour guides in industries with gray income is not very high in my country, and some gray income may be needed. 2. Real estate ranks among the top three industries with gray income: the monthly salary of real estate practitioners is around 8,000-10,000 yuan. . The charm of the financial industry is not diminished: the manager of the financial industry has a monthly salary of about 7,000 yuan. The future of the logistics industry is optimistic: a manager in the transportation/logistics industry, with a monthly salary of about 7,000 yuan. The recovery of the IT industry: managers in the computer industry, with a monthly salary of more than 6,000 yuan. 3. Li Shi, a researcher at the Institute of Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the main creator of the survey report, explained this "world's highest": If only monetary income is counted, excluding real goods, China may not be the highest, and Zimbabwe is even higher than China. The reason why this survey concluded that China is "the highest in the world" is because non-monetary factors were taken into account in the survey. 4. Financial industry: The financial industry is also a very important industry in China. Many young people have obtained high-paying careers by working in financial institutions such as banks, securities, insurance, and private equity. Some of the high-paying careers in this industry include investment banker, fund manager, wealth manager, risk manager, and more. 5. Medical industry: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. Education industry: university professors, high school teachers, lecturers in training institutions, private tutors, etc. Construction and real estate industry: construction engineers, real estate sales managers, real estate developers, etc. 6. I think that freight transportation is a sunrise industry, and I heard that the salary is very high if you do it well. I was in a hurry, and my family was happy for me, but it didn't take me long to realize the huge gap between this job and my imagination. Demystifying the "grey income" of the real estate industry In fact, designers also have a lot of "grey income": In the process of house decoration, few people have the energy and ability to install their own houses. This link is usually in the form of half or full package , to the decoration company to be responsible. Gray income is an informal, untraceable income. It may be obtained as a result of bribery, tax evasion or other forms of illegal activity, or it may be derived from normal activities, but such income has not been officially registered or audited. The connotation of "gray income" is very complicated. In the 1980s, people called all economic income other than wages and allowances, such as author remuneration, part-time income, patent transfer fees, etc., as "gray income". There are more than 700 registered real estate intermediaries in our city, with about 40,000 employees in the industry. That’s all for the introduction of industries with gray income. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. Don’t forget to search for more information about gray money-making industries and industries with gray income.

Industries with Gray Income➣Grey Money-making Industry

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